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“Pulp” Preview: David Teng Olsen August 25, 2009

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I’m in the process of collecting images and information from the faculty in “Pulp: Works on Paper by the Studio Art Faculty” this week. Below is a preview of one of the works that will be in the show:  “Madd”, an drawing with ink, watercolor, and acrylic paint on Fabriano paper by David Teng Olsen. I’ve included an excerpt from his artist statement where he talks about his creative process and engagement with drawing and his materials.

David Teng Olsen

My cup of black India is in constant need of refilling. I often am mad at myself for leaving during the middle of the drawing, distracted by something outside of my studio only to return hours later to find my perfect drawing brush ruined from neglect. The ink flows from the end of my brush much longer then I ever expect it to, and it makes me shiver with excitement every time it does. Most often for me the magic of the mark happens during the moments I least expect it and I try for hours on end to recreate that exact moment that gave me shivers in the first place. There is no other time I am happier then when I am working on drawings. There is no other time in my visual explorations that I discover more. Without it I would have nothing. -David Teng Olsen


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