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“Pulp” Preview: Christine Rogers August 31, 2009

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A preview of a work that will be in “Pulp: Works on Paper by the Studio Art Faculty“: “New Family”, a photograph by Christine Rogers.  Read her artist statement below the image.

Christine Rogers

“New Family” is a series of 25 studio portraits. These pictures examine the construction of family through the construction of the family portrait. In my own life, I do not know half of my family, including many half brothers and sisters. The last time I saw my father, I was 8 months old, which is to say that I have never actually seen him.

As a consequence, strangers take on a new meaning: the average stranger might be related to me. We could be family. I approached strangers at the mall and asked if they would pose in a family portrait with me. The final product is a singular document, purchased from the portrait studio. In continuing this project I am narrating a new life for myself, and building a family album that is simultaneously possible and impossible.-Christine Rogers


1. nicole - July 12, 2010


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