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Pacific Pictures: Installation October 6, 2009

Posted by claralieu in Installing Exhibitions, printmaking.
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This morning we deinstalled “Pulp: Works on Paper by the Studio Art Faculty” and worked the entire day to install “Pacific Pictures: Student Work from the Carleton College Seminar in the South Pacific“.  Fred Hagstrom, Professor of Art at Carleton College led this seminar in New Zealand and Australia from 1996-2007. This exhibition is unique in that it’s neither a Wellesley College student exhibition or a professional exhibition, which is typically the two types of exhibitions we show at the Jewett Art Gallery.  Rather, this exhibition comprises of student work from another liberal arts college, providing unique insight on another college’s studio art program.

Installing Pacific Pictures

The exhibition is composed of student prints and student sketchbooks.  It’s wonderful to see the incredible range of prints, of varying subject matter using multiple techniques in printmaking.

Pacific Pictures: Installation Views

Sketchbooks offer an intimate look at one artist’s creative process.  At the same time, these sketchbooks will allow the gallery visitor to see inside the artist’s work and progress.  You have a rare opportunity to see the process that leads a student to their finished work. I’ve found in my own experience that it’s getting the chance to see the mistakes and the stumbles that is sometimes the most interesting; it’s the part of the process that is usually hidden from view since the finished product is what is usually emphasized.

Pacific Pictures: Sketchbooks


1. Ros Atkins - October 19, 2009

Great to see the work of Carleton College students. Well done Fred.

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