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“Transformations”: Ken Takashi Horii December 1, 2009

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Transformations“, an exhibition scheduled for March 2010, will examine artists who work between 2-D and 3-D media. Today’s post is a preview of Ken Takashi Horii’s thought provoking works which explore the idea of opposites both in terms of his engagement with materials and subject matter. Horii is a Professor in Spatial Dynamics at the Rhode Island School of Design in the Division of Foundation Studies.  Below you can read his artist statement.

Ken Takashi Horii

For over thirty years my work has been concerned with the reconciliation of opposites. The objective of resolving dualities is a conceptual framework that permeates my process and all related outcomes by informing my choice of materials, techniques, forms, and historical references.

I continue to prefer working in thematic series. Recent exhibited series include: Biformities (2003) and  Vestigium (2005). Biformities, is a series of thirty-four painted wall sculptures related to the “Jatakamala” (4th century parables of Buddhist incarnation). Vestigium, is a series of twelve painted wall sculptures each representing a dialog between presence and absence. In an exhibition in 2006 I included a series of wall sculptures using solid, liquid, and atmospheric landscape references within panels that contrasted shaped surface and cut opening, with reflected light and cast shadows.

Ken Takashi Horii

Work exhibited in September, 2008 at the Chazan Gallery at The Wheeler School in Providence Rhode Island,  is collectively titled “Of Mind And Matter”.  This series of sculptures and drawings incorporate three-dimensional forms and pictorial formats of two branches of Tantric Buddhism, and reference ink-blot psychological profile tests, for an inquiry into allusion and illusion in Eastern and Western concepts of perception.


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