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Spine: Installation December 4, 2009

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This morning we started installing “SPINE: Senior Exhibition” which features seniors Jessica Planos, Eliza Murphy, and Jenna Miller.  This exhibition has a wonderful diverse selection of work:  Eliza Murphy is exhibiting a series of large scale, self-portrait oil paintings.  Jenna Miller constructed a large scale installation piece which references architectural elements.  Jessica Planos is showing a series of letterpress books.

Spine: Senior Exhibition: Installation

Jenna Miller and Andrew Mowbray work on constructing a wooden structure for her installation piece titled Frame.

Spine: Senior Exhibition: Installation

Moving segments of Jenna Miller’s installation work into the gallery turned out to be a five person job due to the fragility of the drywall material the segment was made out of. The segments will be attached to the wooden structure and then made to stand up with a pulley system attached to the ceiling of the gallery.

Spine: Senior Exhibition: Installation

Eliza Murphy works on figuring out measurements and spacing for her oil paintings. Since Jenna Miller’s work and Jessica’s work are both three-dimensional, this allowed Eliza to have use all of the wall space for her paintings. Given their large scale, this worked out perfectly.


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