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Jenna Miller on installing “Spine: Senior Exhibition” December 5, 2009

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Today’s post is a guest blog post from senior Jenna Miller, who has a large scale installation titled “Frame” in our current exhibition “SPINE: Senior Exhibition”. Read below about her experience installing her work in the gallery over the past two days.

After 12+ hours worth of time in the gallery, I have finally completed installing “Frame”.  I arrived at the Jewett Art gallery around 8:30 yesterday morning to begin moving the components of my installation work from the studio into the gallery.  It ended up taking multiple trips (and multiple people) to move the stack of 2×4 wooden beams and my slabs of drywall into the space.

Spine: Senior Exhibition: Installation

Once we finished hauling materials and relocated a missing ladder, the gallery looked a bit like a construction site.  Eliza, Jess, and I then began the task of determining the layout of our show based on scale and the way our pieces talked to each other.

When I returned from class, the construction began.  I started building the wooden frame, which composes the structure of my work, with the help of Professor Andy Mowbray and my Independent Studies Advisor, Professor Daniela Rivera.  The 2x4s had warped because of the humidity and definitely put up a fight as we tried to straighten them into an orthogonal frame.  Ultimately, we were successful, and the framework was complete.

Spine: Senior Exhibition: Installation

We then created cable support mechanisms for my walls, and I attached my drywall slabs and plexi-glass onto the still horizontal wooden frames.  The next step took a couple of us standing up the assembled wall panel as Daniela scurried up the ladder to attach the cables to the beams.  It was great to see the first segment of my work standing for the first time, especially since this is the biggest scale work I have ever created.  I finished up the evening in the gallery by myself, touching up details and tidying up the space after the day’s whirlwind of activity.  Then I went home and slept—what a full day!

Spine: Senior Exhibition: Installation

This morning, Daniela and I stood up and hung the final panel, helped Jess to arrange her podiums, and adjusted the gallery lighting.  At the end of it all, we just sat back, sipped our much-needed coffee, and admired all of our hard work.

Spine: Senior Exhibition: Installation


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