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Spring 2010 Exhibitions & Workshops December 15, 2009

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The semester is practically over at Wellesley College, which means that the gallery will close until the spring semester starts up in the last week of January.  Over the break, we’re having the gallery re-painted which will get us off to a great start for the second half of the gallery season.  We’ll be back in January with the student photography exhibition “Look at Me”. The show will be curated, selected and designed by Christine Rogers’ Fall 2009 Photography ARTS208 class. The various projects in this diverse class create an exhibition that is divided into three related categories: “People”, “Changing Perspectives” and “Reality vs. Pretense”.

Julie Aguilera
Photo by Julie Aguilera

At the same time, the spring semester will also feature a terrific line up of free Applied Arts Workshops: Digital Photography with Judith Black, Ceramic Mosaics with Kate Oggel, Japanese Bento Boxes with Anna The Red, Storyboards with Alex Hart, Sculptural Weaving with Nathalie Miebach, Photoshop: Photo Retouching with Alex Hart, and Coptic Bookbing with Katherine McCanless Ruffin.

Upcoming Applied Arts Workshop Japanese Bento Boxes with Anna The Red


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