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Applied Arts: Storyboard Workshop March 8, 2010

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This past weekend we hosted an Applied Arts Workshop in Storyboarding, led by Alex Hart.  The workshop started off with a brief lecture followed by a back-to-back comparison and discussion of an animatic (a video storyboard) and a finished piece.  Next, a drawing demonstration was applied to a short script to give workshop participants insight into the decision-making processes involved in the storyboarding process: camera angle, pacing, camera moves, blocking of actors and action, set design, lighting.  During the demo process, the storyboard drawings were placed into a 4-panel board, and then transformed into an animatic.

Storyboard Workshop

Students were then given choice of three scripts to work from during the workshop. Each script had distinctive  characteristics which made each script challenging for different reasons.  The scripts were: The Three Little Pigs, “Aliens” by James Cameron, and Romeo and Juliet.  The three scripts each provided a completely different balance between dialogue, action, and tone:  Three Little Pigs was an equivalent balance of action and descriptive dialogue, whereas “Aliens” was primarily action with very little dialogue, and Romeo and Juliet was almost all dialogue with almost no specifics regarding the action of the actors. You can read each of the scripts used during the workshop by clicking on these links: Aliens script, Three Little Pigs script, and Romeo and Juliet script.

Storyboard Workshop

Individual discussions, and advice were followed by a group review of all the finished work.  The storyboards created during the workshop ranged widely in creative approaches.  Having the chance to see the variety of solutions to a single problem was exciting and stimulating.


Storyboard Storyboard Storyboard Storyboard Storyboard


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