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Madeline Vara on installing “350: Student Exhibition” April 15, 2010

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Today’s post is a guest blog post by Madeline Vara, Class of 2010.  Madeline completed a 350 level project and is participating in “350: Student Exhibition“ which has an opening reception next Tuesday, April 20 at 4:45pm. In her post, she discusses the process and experience of installing her project into the gallery space.

“This past Monday, we began the installation for the 350 show.  Though all of the 350 students participating in the show, myself included, were displaying paintings, I found myself with a bit of predicament concerning how to present my artwork.  In the case of the other 350 students, their paintings were all on large stretches of canvas, set to be easily hung on the walls.  My project had left me with 22 various small paintings, though, with all of them on paper.

Madeline Vara

While I could have just as easily posted my paintings in mass along the wall, I couldn’t help but feel that it wouldn’t do the art justice.  As a result, I embarked on small mission to complete a three dimensional installation of my work by creating shelves to display them on.  After buying a multitude of hardware supplies, I set out to create a 7-foot long shelf and multiple smaller shelves.  The all-day affair of painting them, deciding their places on the wall, and finally drilling them into place was tiring, but ultimately worth every minute.  Viewing art isn’t just about the painting or drawing or sculpture itself; it is deeply tied in with the space the object occupies and the mode through which we view it.  Installing the shelves was essential to creating the right “frame” for my paintings.”- Madeline Vara, Class of 2010

Installing "350: Student Exhibition"

Madeline Vara works to install her pieces into the gallery space.

Madeline Vara


1. Irene Vara Pohlman - May 15, 2010

Wonderful to see you participating in the Exhibition. I will share this with Uncle Mike. Congratulations on your graduation.

Love, Aunt Irene

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