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Ji Young Lim on installing “Senior Thesis Exhibition” May 11, 2010

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Senior Thesis: Installation in Progress

Today’s blog post is by Ji Young Lim, class of 2010 who completed work on her thesis in this year’s Senior Thesis Exhibition. Below are her thoughts and reflections on the process of installing her work in the gallery last week.

2010 Senior Thesis Exhibition

After a year of preparing my senior thesis installation, it was finally time for it to come into actual physical existence. Tamara and I worked on installing our show for three days and those three days were both frustrating and exhilarating. We spent most of those three days in the gallery working. I had no idea how physically draining installing my piece would be nor did I expect it to take me most of the three days to complete installing. Andy (Mowbray) helped me put up the framework for all my yarn and helped me put up the top mirror. Then I spent the next two days tying on each piece of yarn and braiding them. It was a painstakingly time consuming process, however, I am quite proud of the outcome. I could not have done it without help from the art department faculty and the gallery assistants. So thank you!

2010 Senior Thesis Exhibition

I had never put up such a large piece before and it was quite a learning experience as well as an incredibly rewarding one. This entire experience has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. Seeing my piece go up after all the hard work and effort put into it and seeing it come into existence was beyond anything I have ever experienced. -Ji Young Lim

2010 Senior Thesis Exhibition


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