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Thomas Lyon Mills on John Udvardy May 25, 2010

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In April 2011, the Jewett Art Gallery will be presenting “John Udvardy: A Sculptor’s Vision”, a solo exhibition of RISD Professor Emeritus John Udvardy’s work.  Below you can read a statement written by RISD Professor Thomas Lyon Mills, about John’s work as a preview for the exhibition.

From the essay, “John Udvardy’s Cabinet of Art and Marvels”

Totally enigmatic.
Impossibly intricate.
Better to stop speech here.
This language is not for people.
Blessed be jubilation.
Vintages and harvests.
Even if not everyone
Is granted serenity.

Czeslaw Milosz, from A Poem for the End of the Century

“John Udvardy’s sculptures, drawings, and collages invite me into one of the most rarified of experiences – an unforgettable vehicle for contemplation.  His work is masterfully crafted and imbued with secrets, like our own elusive memories and dreams that we forget at our peril.  John’s work is one of the strangest and most satisfying visual experiences one can have: it is as if his work transports all the senses: giving sight, smell, proportion and silence a raw, unpolluted collective power, like wisps of the seemingly lost yet re-discovered essential.  I see things as I never have before, where forms go transparent, disappear, then seem wholly re-born.” –Thomas Lyon Mills, May 2010


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