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Applied Arts: Bead Weaving workshop October 19, 2010

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Bead Weaving workshop

This past Saturday we hosted an Applied Arts workshop on Bead Weaving with artist Jennifer Maestre ’81, who is known nationally for her unusual pencil sculptures and jewelry pieces which are assembled with bead weaving techniques.

(above) One of Jennifer Maestre‘s pencil sculptures.

We started out the workshop with the flat peyote stitch, the most simple stitch, starting with two colors so that we could see the weave more clearly.  Jennifer had simple charts for us to follow which explained the sequence of beads to create the woven structure. One aspect that I was surprised by was just how tiny the beads were; we used special beading needles to pull the thread through each bead. Jennifer explained that the size of the beads was traditional for bead weaving, and that in the past, she’s gone as far as to sand each individual bead to control the size of the beads more.

Bead Weaving workshop

Once we had mastered the flat peyote stitch, Jennifer demonstrated several techniques for making the weaving more sculpture: “decreasing”, “increasing”, and the tubular technique. Amazing to see what people were able to accomplish in just four hours; several people were able to create bracelets and even rings with the various stitches.

Bead Weaving workshop

Bead Weaving workshop

(above) the “increasing” and “decreasing” technique
Bead Weaving workshop

Bead Weaving workshop
(above) woven rings

Bead Weaving workshop

(above) the “tubular” stitch

Bead Weaving workshop


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