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Applied Arts: Monoprint Workshop November 1, 2010

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Monoprint Workshop

On Saturday we had an Applied Arts workshop on Monoprinting, taught by printmaker Myles Dunigan. Monoprinting is one of the simplest methods of printmaking, which as Myles explained offers instant gratification in a way that other techniques of printmaking do not. Known as the “painterly print”, monotype offers an incredible range of different approaches which can be gestural and painterly.

Monoprint Workshop

Myles introduced various approaches to monotype, starting with working additively and reductively on the plate. To work additively, printmaking ink can be mixed with burnt plate oil in order for the paint to flow more smoothly on the plate. To work reductively, an even layer of black ink is applied to the surface of the plate with a breyer. Areas of white are achieved by removing the ink with a cotton rag, a brush, or a Q-tip.

Monoprint Workshop

Monoprint Workshop

Monoprint Workshop

Another technique Myles demonstrated was the trace monotype, a technique where the sheet of paper is laid on top of a fully inked plate. By drawing directly on the paper, this allows for the ink to transfer directly from the plate onto the piece of paper. You can view all images from this workshop on Flickr.

Monoprint Workshop

Monoprint Workshop


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