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Applied Arts: Robot Sculptures November 15, 2010

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Robot Sculpture Workshop

This past Saturday we had an Applied Arts workshop on Robot Sculptures, taught by artist Ann Smith. Ann specializes in robot-like sculptures which are assembled from pieces of old electronics. Her work has been exhibited in galleries all over the US and she has had her work published in several publications as well.

Robot Sculpture by Ann Smith
(above) one of Ann’s robot sculpture pieces.

Ann brought an amazing range and quantity of old electronics, many of which were sorted in bins by shape and color.  There was one bin full of all different kinds of wires, one that was full of circular shapes, etc. Ann showed some of her pieces, and then let everyone rummage and go through all of the bins to collect parts for their sculptures. Part of the fun of this process was hunting for the specific parts and pieces that would come together to create the sculptures, or by being inspired by seeing a material that would be visually engaging.

Robot Sculpture Workshop

Assembling the sculptures had a lot to do with problem solving. All of the individual parts somehow have to stay together, and it took all of us lots of troubleshooting to figure out how all of the parts could fit together. We used a range of different adhesives and techniques to put things together: duct tape, double stick tape, a glue gun, copper wire, etc.  It was wonderful to see all of the various solutions people came up with.

Robot Sculpture Workshop

Below are several of the finished sculptures, it’s amazing to see what people were able to accomplish in just three hours! You can view all of the images from the workshop on our Flickr page.

Robot Sculpture

Robot Sculpture

Robot Sculpture


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