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Applied Arts: Fabric Stenciling Workshop March 1, 2011

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This past weekend we hosted the Applied Arts workshop on Fabric Stenciling taught by fiber artist Antoinette Winters.  Antoinette has been teaching fiber arts at Concord Academy for over twenty years, and brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the workshop. She currently teaches a course there called “Pattern and Embellishment” which explores fabric stenciling in great depth. Concepts she introduced included pattern, positive and negative shapes, layering, and repetition among others.

Fabric Stenciling workshop

We started out the workshop by looking at the many pre-cut stencils that Antoinette brought with her to the workshop.  It was wonderful to see the many shapes and patterns that could be layered in a number of different positions to create a repeating pattern.

Fabric Stenciling workshop

Many people elected to design and cut their own stencils out of pieces of plastic with an exacto knife. Next, Antoinette demonstrated how to mix the textile paints to dye the pieces of cloth and also for the stencil. Most of the textile paints were transparent, which provided terrific opportunities to layer the patterns on the cloth.

Fabric Stenciling workshop

Antoinette uses a sponge brush to dye the cloth a color before beginning the stenciling process. From there, we worked to stencil patterns across the pieces of cloth. The results were fabulous!

Fabric Stenciling workshop

Fabric Stenciling workshop

Fabric Stenciling workshop

Fabric Stenciling workshop


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