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Shanth Enjeti
Saturday, Oct. 1
Pendleton West Rm 209

Registration opens Sept. 19 @ 12:00am

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Storyboard Workshop Storyboard Workshop Storyboard Workshop Storyboard Workshop Storyboard Workshop

Storyboard Storyboard Storyboard Storyboard Storyboard

Workshop Description
This workshop will introduce concepts and methods to visually realize a narrative in storyboards.  You will gain important skills in storyboarding which can be applied to film, video, animation, and illustration work and projects.  Narrative ideas such as timing and point of view will be covered in conjunction with approaches to drawing which will help facilitate clarity, variety, and innovation in the storyboarding process. This workshop is essential for students who are currently taking film, video, animation, or digital media courses.

Character Design Workshop
Instructor Biography
Mythophoric Character Design is the life’s work and passion of Shanth Enjeti, professor of illustration and character design at the Rhode Island School of Design, noted lecturer and visual worldwide character and illustration researcher. Enjeti has lectured at Hasbro, Microsoft, MIT, and RISD as well as illustrating comics and doing concept illustration.


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