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Installation for “Deconstruct/Reconstruct” December 13, 2010

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This morning I worked together with students in my ARTS 314 Advanced Drawing class to install their exhibition “Deconstruct/Reconstruct” in the gallery. Students included Eliza Tibbits, Jacob West, Ali Crank, Yoojin Chung, Sophie Wang, and Serena Eastman. We quickly deinstalled the previous exhibition and worked together to curate the layout of the exhibition. Our primary concern in terms of layout was to balance between the color and black and white, as there were varying degrees of color throughout all of the works.  Many of the pieces in the exhibition had multiple images, so we had to consider that as well when thinking about where to place specific works. You can view all of the images of the exhibition on the Jewett Gallery’s Flickr page.







Upcoming Exhibitions November 29, 2010

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We’ve got a number of great exhibitions coming up soon in the gallery. My ARTS 314 Advanced Drawing class will be featured in “Deconstruct/Reconstruct” opening on Tuesday, Dec. 14 at 4:45pm. Students in the exhibition will include Jacob West, Serena Eastman, Ali Crank, Sophie Wang, Yoojin Chung, and Eliza Tibbits.

Deconstruct/Reconstruct poster

Our first professional exhibition “Trigger and Reconfigure” will be on view in January and February. The exhibition features artists Abbie Read, Laura Evans, Jessica Straus, and Antoinette Winters. The show is curated by Jessica Straus and Antoinette Winters.

Trigger and Reconfigure

Studio Art at Wellesley Summer School April 27, 2010

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The Wellesley College Summer School is offering several courses in studio art this year.  Click on these links to read the course descriptions and learn more about the studio art courses: Drawing I, Photography I, Basic 2-D Design, Digital Imaging, and Color.  The summer school program is co-educational, featuring full credit courses drawn from the regular Wellesley curriculum.  The summer school is open to all college students, college graduates, as well as eligible commuting high school juniors and seniors. For more information or to register, visit the Wellesley College Summer School website or call (781)283-2200.

Summer School Poster

Transformations: Installation, Opening, & Gallery Talk March 8, 2010

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Last week was a busy week in the gallery: on Monday and Tuesday we installed the exhibition “Transformations”, Thursday was the opening reception, and on Friday we had a gallery talk with Ken Takashi Horii and Thomas Lyon Mills.

Installation: "Transformations"

(left to right) Thomas Lyon Mills, Gallery Director /Curator Clara Lieu, Nathalie Miebach, and Ken Takashi Horii discuss the installation plan.

Installation: "Transformations"

(left to right) Thomas Lyon Mills, Gallery Director/Curator Clara Lieu, and Nathalie Miebach discuss options for how to install the exhibition.

Figuring out the layout for the exhibition was complicated due to the fact that every artist had both two-dimensional and three-dimensional work. All of the exhibitions we’ve mounted since I started directing the gallery in 2008 have largely featured two-dimensional work, so this was a first for the gallery to have so much three-dimensional work in a single show. Other important considerations were how to distribute and balance color throughout the gallery. Nathalie Miebach and Thomas Lyon Mills both had works which were heavy in color whereas Ken Takashi Horii and Anthony Crudelle-Janello had largely black and white or monochromatic works.

Installation: "Transformations" Installation: "Transformations"
Left: Nathalie Miebach and a student gallery assistant work to assemble her sculpture into the gallery space.
Right: Ken Takashi Horii works on assembling his large sculpture “Of Mind and Matter”.

Each artist had their own pre-determined system for hanging and arranging their works in the gallery.  In Ken Takashi Horii’s case, his large sculpture arrived in several pieces and was installed piece by piece into the wall. Nathalie Miebach had sculptures and also several audio components which went along with her musical scores. Thomas Lyon Mills had a simple and effective hanging system for his paintings which allowed them to hang on the wall unframed. Anthony Crudelle-Janello’s sculpture was  constructed on a set of wheels, allowing it to be wheeled right into the gallery.  Crudelle-Janello’s photographs were hung on the wall using strips of velcro stuck to the back of the photographs.

Installation Views: "Transformations"

Installation Views: "Transformations"

The opening reception was well attended by both members of the Wellesley College community as well as several people from off campus, many of whom were visiting the gallery for the first time. A live jazz performance with piano, flute, and bass was provided by the Wellesley College Music Department.

Opening Reception for "Transformations"

Opening Reception for "Transformations"

The following day the gallery hosted a gallery talk  by Thomas Lyon Mills and Ken Takashi Horii.  Hearing their insights and thoughts about the work provided a whole new level of depth and understanding of their work in the exhibition.  View all of the photos from this exhibition and events on our Flickr account.

Gallery Talk: Thomas Lyon Mills

Thomas Lyon Mills speaks about his work.

Gallery Talk: Ken Takashi Horii

Ken Takashi Horii speaks to the crowd about his work.

“Transformations”: Exhibition events February 16, 2010

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Join us for these upcoming events associated with the exhibition “Transformations” at the Jewett Art Gallery.  The exhibition features Anthony Crudelle-Janello, Ken Takashi Horii, Nathalie Miebach, and Thomas Lyon Mills.  The show runs March 3-April 10; the gallery is closed March 20-29 for spring break. Read more about the exhibition here.

1)Opening Reception: Thurs., March 4, 4:45-6pm
Meet the artists!  Enjoy free wine & refreshments with a live jazz performance from the Wellesley College Music Department.
RSVP to this event on our Facebook page here.

"Transformations" exhibition poster

2)Gallery Talk: Friday, March 5, 1:30pm
Join us and hear Ken Takashi Horii & Thomas Lyon Mills speak about their work.
RSVP to this event on our Facebook page here.

"Transformations" gallery talk poster

3)Applied Arts Workshop: Sculptural Weaving: Saturday, March 13, 1-4pm
Nathalie Miebach will lead a free hands-on workshop in historical and contemporary weaving techniques. Open to the Wellesley College community.

Sculptural Weaving poster

Postcard for “Transformations” January 27, 2010

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I’m working on publicity materials for the upcoming exhibition “Transformations” in March 2010.  The exhibition features artists Ken Takashi Horii, Crudelle-Janello, Nathalie Miebach, Thomas Lyon Mills.  Below is the postcard for the exhibition.

Postcard for Transformations

“Transformations”: Thomas Lyon Mills November 16, 2009

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Transformations“, an exhibition scheduled for March 2010, will examine artists who work between 2-D and 3-D media. Today’s post is a preview of Thomas Lyon Mills’ unusual and breathtaking artwork which deals with themes of memory, time, and mapping.  Mills is a Professor of Drawing at the Rhode Island School of Design in the Division of Foundation Studies. He recently completed a sabbatical where he is the only non-archeologist who has been granted permission to explore and work alone in the Roman and Neapolitan catacombs. This past November and December, he was on a grant to work in Kapadokya and underground cities in central Turkey. Below you can read a short excerpt from his artist statement.

Thomas Lyon Mills

“No.63 from the series 73 Prayers in the Underground”, 2001 – 2006
40.75” x 35.75”, watercolor, charcoal, conte crayon, collage.

Drawing: Making and Unmaking
Thomas Lyon Mills, Professor, Rhode Island School of Design
June 2009

Despite increasingly precise measurements, contemporary maps of the cosmos or the minutiae of the sub-atomic world will likely be no more accurate in the future than ancient seafaring maps that included half-remembered landscapes and sea monsters.

Like mapmakers, we draw and paint what we observe, but find our drawings inevitably cross over into the unknown, for, like maps, they are never truly, wholly accurate, never allowing for shifting points of view, or even the necessity of dreams.

This then, is our region – where the visible and invisible meet, where the observed and the intuitive lie side by side, and where the seen pays a constant debt to the unseen.

Thomas Lyon Mills

Everything changes when we draw: channels open up between our eyes and our breathing, heart rate, and neurological paths.  Borders dissolve between touch, smell, and sound.  Along with this synaesthesia, primordial forces rush in.  The ideas absorbed when we draw are infinitely better than when we don’t draw.  And, like making maps, what we draw we remember; what we don’t draw, we forget.

But like maps, drawing is about the specific, not the general: about revealing ideas with precision and authority.  Ironically, it is the discrepancy between one’s unfocussed marks – one’s lack of precision compared with the purity of the subject, full of complexity and unseen forces at work – that leads to the prolonged search.

We learn from myriad artists’ work including Matisse and Giacometti and their clouds of erased marks, the breathing and ghosts in the drawings of Michelangelo, Mu’ Chi, and Tohaku, and in the mirrored worlds of Piero.

“Line by Line”: Opening Reception November 6, 2009

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This afternoon we hosted the opening reception for “LINE BY LINE: Student Drawing Exhibition” . WCAC TV, Wellesley’s local news station came to the opening and conducted short interviews with many of the participating students in the exhibition.  Several students in the exhibition who I talked to noticed in particular how different their work looked within the gallery context.  For most students, the typical experience with their drawings is to quickly pin it up on the classroom wall to be critiqued.  It’s amazing the difference it makes to have a clean wall with everything measured and neatly presented; you’re able to see the work clearly and in a completely different light.

"Line by Line": Opening Reception

IMG_6936"Line by Line": Opening Reception

Student Drawing Show: Installation November 3, 2009

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This morning we deinstalled “Pacific Pictures: Student Work from the Carleton College Seminar in the South Pacific“ and installed “LINE BY LINE: Student Drawing Exhibition”.

We had a great turnout for this exhibition; students were invited to submit up to three pieces which made for over 60 submissions for this show. After going through all of the submissions, it became clear early on in the process that we would hang one submission from each student due to space limitations.  The other option would have been to hang the show “salon style” where the walls would just be plastered with work from floor to ceiling.  I tend to like showing fewer works and giving those works enough breathing space on the wall to be fully appreciated as opposed to throwing everything up on the wall en masse.

"Line by Line": Installation

Packing up prints from “Pacific Pictures: Student Work from the Carleton College Seminar in the South Pacific” and hanging the new exhibition at the same time.

"Line by Line": Installation

Laying out all of the drawings with ID labels attached to each piece to figure out what specific works would be in the exhibition.

The other major challenge (and asset) of this exhibition was the enormous range of subject matter and drawing approaches that this show encompasses. We worked to group the pieces according to scale, subject, and overall visual look to create some sense of cohesion amongst so much diversity in the pieces.

View more images of the completed installation and the installation in progress here:

"Line by Line": Installation Views "Line by Line": Installation Views "Line by Line": Installation Views "Line by Line": Installation Views "Line by Line": Installation Views

"Line by Line": Installation  "Line by Line": Installation  "Line by Line": Installation  "Line by Line": Installation  "Line by Line": Installation

Student Drawing Show: Submissions October 29, 2009

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This week at the gallery we’ve been accepting submissions for “LINE BY LINE: Student Drawing Exhibition”. This is the first time that we’ve hosted a student exhibition which was an open invitation to all students here at Wellesley College.  I’m excited to have the opportunity to see the enormous range of subjects and approaches to drawing all in one show. We had a huge turnout for the show, over 60 submissions total.  The show will be installed on Monday with an opening reception scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 5 from 4:45-6pm.

Katie Simpson, Class of 2012

“Acne, Year 6″, charcoal, 36″ x 48”, by Katie Simpson, Class of 2012.