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Opening Reception: Wednesday, Sept. 3rd, 4:30-6pm
Exhibit dates: Sept. 1-Sept. 28
Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm, Weekends 12-5pm

Arrivals/Departure Opening Reception Arrivals/Departure Opening Reception Arrivals/Departure Opening Reception Arrivals/Departure Opening Reception Arrivals/Departure Opening Reception

The opening exhibition for the Jewett Art Gallery’s 2008-2009 season features the arrival of new faculty Clara Lieu, Daniela Rivera, David T. Olsen, Christine Rogers, and Andrew Mowbray as well as departing staff Jim Turbert. The exhibition will feature a diverse selection of works including photography, digital media, printmaking, drawing, sculpture, and more.

Arrivals/Departure: Installation View Arrivals/Departure: Installation View Arrivals/Departure: Installation View Arrivals/Departure Arrivals/Departure: Installation View
Clara Lieu Andrew Mowbray Jim Turbert David Olsen Christine Rogers
Daniela Rivera David Olsen Daniela Rivera Installation View Jim Turbert

Clara Lieu is Visiting Lecturer in Drawing and Design, and is also the Gallery Director of the Jewett Art Gallery. In her work she visually represents the experience of loneliness as being unseen, unknown, and lost within a group of others. The works in the exhibition include crayon drawings on sheets of transparent Dura-Lar which reference her figure sculptures.


Daniela Rivera is an Assistant Professor in Drawing and Painting. Daniela creates spacial utiliarian paintings on three-dimensional structures and settings. Conceptually, her works deal with different kinds of spaces: disciplinary, temporary, representation, and physical space.
Arrivals/Departure: Gallery Talks

Andrew Mowbray is a Visiting Lecturer in Sculpture. His work questions both past and current paradigms of masculinity. The works featured in this exhibition places Tyvek, an industrial material masculine material within the context of quilting, an art form which has typically been viewed as a feminine craft.
Arrivals/Departure: Gallery Talks

David T. Olsen is a Visiting Assistant Professor in Media Arts. David’s work explores the relationship between science and art and the emotional and physical impact art can have on the audience. His work in this exhibition is comprised of colorful mixed media drawings which are scanned digitally and recreated into large scale environments.
Arrivals/Departure: Gallery Talk

Jim Turbert is a Media Specialist. Jim is a photographer who is a serial self-portraitist, whose portraits concern the perceived expectations that his family had for him in contrast to the reality of his life today.

Arrivals/Departure: Installation View

Christine Rogers is a Visiting Lecturer in Photography. Her photographs in the exhibition are from a family road trip she embarked upon by herself, intended as a means of understandinf her own history. In her work, she breaks apart and reassembles American ideals of religion and family.
Arrivals/Departure: Gallery Talks


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