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Imprinted: New Photography at Wellesley College

Elli Blaine

Jewett Art Gallery

Opening Reception: Tuesday, March 1, 4:45-6pm
Exhibit Dates: February 24-March 25, 2011
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Friday 11am-4pm, Weekends 12-5pm

Claire Lee, Eric Kolker, Elaine Greenberg, Mische Kang, Elli Blaine, Becka Marcucci, Christina Smith, Maise Hall, Kathy Zhang, MaCherie Edwards, Lena Mironciuc, Louise Dixon, Melissa Giger

Student work from Professor Christine Rogers’ ARTS208 Photography course

"Imprinted" opening reception "Imprinted" opening reception "Imprinted" opening reception "Imprinted" opening reception "Imprinted" opening reception

"Imprinted" exhibition "Imprinted" exhibition "Imprinted" exhibition "Imprinted" exhibition "Imprinted" exhibition

"Imprinted" exhibition "Imprinted" exhibition "Imprinted" exhibition "Imprinted" exhibition "Imprinted" exhibition

What does it mean to have an experience? How is an experience represented? It can be easy to explain with words what was seen, what was understood, and what remains ambiguous. However, to represent the more meaningful insight requires an intimate understanding that is more complex than simply describing an event, an emotion, or a space. In representing an experience, a new experience is inherently created. In Imprinted, thirteen artists represent, replicate, or reveal their unique perspectives. Some of our works represent literal experiences we have encountered; we use the camera to depict events we have witnessed and psychological moments we have lived with. Others have used the camera as a medium for construction, either by creating the perception or letting the camera be their access to the encounter. With pictures, images, and photographs, we create a display for the viewer to experience. Our experiences are never the same, and neither is our work.

This is a group show of individual work. We have strived to maintain our individuality and refrained from editing our work to fit into one theme or idea. Instead, we have created distinct works that have grown and succeeded as a group. The work on the walls of this gallery represents the collective learning experience of each artist, and it is after this collective experience that we can show you our individual achievement. We have imprinted these walls with pictures, images, photographs, and experiences.


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