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Wellesley Art hosts “Primordial” Art Show

left to right: Constance Jacobson, Clara Lieu, David Hart

Photo credit: Amy Nachbar

Art and technology on display at Jewett.

Wellesley Patch
Oct. 28, 2011

Tuesdays opening reception of “The Primordial Show” at the Jewitt Art Gallery at Wellesley College featured the works of Artists Constance Jacobson and David Hart.

Hart explained, “The Primordial Show” is about putting together art from two very different media, but that share a common goal, to create and experiment with new life forms. Constance’s work is more physical and analog, and mine more digital and less tangible. The process that I am using to create my images is based on mimicking natural selection in software and then actively choosing what lives to mate and what dies, literally growing new imagery and infusing my own aesthetic along the way through choices I make.”

As a young boy Hart loved the mixture of art and technology, his favorite album at the age of seven was “Switched on Bach” and started making pictures with a computer at the age of ten.

Constance Jacobson has said that her printmaking is just an extension of her drawings. She is fluid and articulate in her printmaking. It is the primary visual language which she translates a fascination with biology and the connectedness of all life forms into poetic images.

For many years Jacobson worked as a Graphic Designer as a means to support herself. She started working digitally only a few years ago although she has been working with computers since the 80’s and decided it was time to incorporate the computer into her art.

Jacobson completed her MFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) which she started twenty three years earlier at Cranbrook. The work that she was exposed to there had to do with scientific and microscopic imagery. Although she makes good use of science as inspiration, it is in fact the materials and methodology she chooses that inspire and guide her.

She is currently working as a Professor of Printmaking at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, Jacobson’s work is in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the New York Public Library, the DeCordova Museum and the Fogg Art Museum.

Hart studied computer graphics and mathematics at the University of Utah and Cornell University. He has worked in the fields of digital art, medical imaging, video games and computer generated films. Much of his work is done with the software that he has created himself. He currently lives and works in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Primordial Show will run through Nov. 27 with gallery hours daily from noon 5 p.m.

About this column: “Viewfinder” is a weekly image gallery featuring the faces and places of the town of Wellesley.


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