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Video: Senior Thesis Exhibition May 21, 2010

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View this video featuring seniors Tamara Al-Mashouk and Ji Young Lim in the current 2010 Senior Thesis Exhibition exhibition on view at the gallery through May 28.  In the video Ji and Tamara speak about their influences and process in creating their pieces. The video was shot and edited by Paul Falcone from WCAC-TV.

Video with Ji Young Lim & Tamara Al-Mashouk, Class of 2010
Shot & edited by Paul Falcone from WCAC-TV


Tamara Al-Mashouk on installing “Senior Thesis Exhibition” May 11, 2010

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Today’s blog post is by Tamara Al-Mashouk, class of 2010 who completed work on her thesis in this year’s Senior Thesis Exhibition. Below you can read her thoughts on working in the gallery this past week.

2010 Senior Thesis Exhibition

The installation of my work began with setting up the standing bookcase. I decided where I wanted to place it, then laid out the eleven frames and four wall shelves. I had had an idea for how I wanted my side of the gallery to be arranged, but chose not to finalize my plans. I wanted the set up to come together as fluidly as the work itself; organically with very little sketching and planning.

Senior Thesis: Installation in Progress

After working out the structure of the show, I started bringing in the tiny objects I had created. I placed them sporadically, moving from the bookcase to the shelves, and onto the frames. I aimed to create a perfect chaos. When all the objects were finally in the gallery I sought to rearrange them to create interactions and an ethereal atmosphere. -Tamara Al-Mashouk

2010 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Senior Thesis Exhibition: Installation Complete May 10, 2010

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The Senior Thesis Exhibition, featuring seniors Tamara Al-Mashouk and Ji Young Lim completed installation into the gallery at the end of last week.  To view all images from the exhibition, visit the Jewett Art Gallery’s Flickr Page.

2010 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Join us as we close the 2009-2010 gallery season with an opening reception on Tuesday, May 11, 4:45-6pm. The opening also includes the 350 senior photography exhibition “It’s Personal” featuring EB Bartels & Eleri Roberts, and “In the Rough”, sculptures by students in Professor Carlos Dorrien’s ARTS 317 course.

2010 Senior Thesis Exhibition

(above) detail of Ji Young Lim’s installation.

2010 Senior Thesis Exhibition

(above)detail of Tamara Al-Mashouk’s installation

Eleri Roberts on “Look at Me” February 3, 2010

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Today’s post is a guest blog post from Eleri Roberts, one of the students who has work in the “Look at Me” exhibition.  Below are her thoughts and experience on the curatorial process and installing the exhibition in the gallery.

The process of putting together the show has been a learning experience. It has been everything from fun to frustrating. The class first discussed the show early in the fall semester. At that point we thought of splitting the show into three themes that we would hope to unify in some way. We went down that path for some time, but eventually came to the conclusion that we needed a more cohesive show. It seemed to us that the show would be stronger if we unified all the artists as a whole instead of separating them into groups. This was the point at which we layed all the photos put and began connecting each body of work to another, whether it was through visual and aesthetic connections or through subject matter and meaning. We ended up with a circle that immediately felt right and even showed us how the show would be organized and structured.

Look at Me: Installation in Progress

Eleri Roberts and Christine Rogers work on installing the exhibition.

Now I will jump to the actual process of putting up the show in the Jewett Gallery. We quickly realized that there was no way we would be able to put up everyone’s complete final project without fully overwhelming the visitors to the gallery. It became clear that less is more. We then started the difficult task of editing each artist’s final project down to three or four prints. Not an easy task considering everyone had so many great photos! A few of the ARTS208 class members as well as Christine Rogers were there to give their input and eventually the selections were made. Now for the calculations! Christine, Emily, Rayla, and I spent a long time measuring, re-measuring, calculating, and re-calculating all of the distances needed between photos in order to put together a perfectly balanced show. Finally everything was figured out and we could start the hanging. With only a few mishaps, the end of the entire process was in sight. Just some lettering and labeling to do.

A long day with a lot of thought, but the end product was well worth it. I learned so much about the curatorial process as well as the work of a gallery preparator. I am so proud of our class. I am really looking forward to the show and hope to see you there! -Eleri Roberts

Eleri Roberts

Eleri Roberts, “Untitled”, silver gelatin prints, 2009

“Spine: Senior Exhibition”: Installation Views December 8, 2009

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SPINE: Senior Exhibition” is currently on view in the Jewett Gallery through Dec. 16, with the opening reception scheduled for this Thursday, Dec. 10 at 4:45-6pm.  Hope you can join us at the opening!

"Spine: Senior Exhibition", Installation Views

"Spine: Senior Exhibition", Installation Views

"Spine: Senior Exhibition", Installation Views

Senior Thesis Exhibition Opening May 16, 2009

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Last night the gallery hosted the final opening reception of the year for “Again & Again: Senior Thesis Exhibition” as well as an exhibition of 350 level work by studio art majors in the Jewett corridors by the gallery. We had a lively turnout throughout the entire reception, it was a great way to close the academic year!

"Again & Again": Opening Reception

The opening reception:

"Again & Again": Opening Reception "Again & Again": Opening Reception "Again & Again": Opening Reception "Again & Again": Opening Reception "Again & Again": Opening Reception

Installation views of the show:

"Again & Again: Senior Thesis Exhibition" Ran Tao, '09 "Again & Again: Senior Thesis Exhibition" "Again & Again: Senior Thesis Exhibition" Courtney Richter, '09

Additionally, the Synergy String Jazz Ensemble courtesy of the Wellesley College Music Department provided great background music throughout the entire reception. We were excited to have this opportunity to collaborate again with the Music Department.

Synergy String Jazz Ensemble

350/Studio Majors Exhibition Installation May 14, 2009

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This morning several students worked to install their work for an exhibition in the corridors of the Jewett Art Center, adjacent to the Jewett Art Gallery. The students included in this exhibition are seniors doing 350 level work and studio art majors.  There is a wide range of works in the show both in terms of subject matter and media, including oil paintings, prints, sculpture, video, and animation.

Tomorrow is the opening reception for this exhibition as well as “Again and Again: Senior Thesis exhibition“, our last event in the gallery for this year.

350/Studio Majors Exhibition

350/Studio Majors Exhibition 350/Studio Majors Exhibition 350/Studio Majors Exhibition 350/Studio Majors Exhibition 350/Studio Majors Exhibition

Ruhlman Conference Presentations May 4, 2009

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Last week Wellesley College hosted the Ruhlman Conference, an opportunity to celebrate student achievement on campus all day.  We had two conference presentations installed in the gallery, one by senior Courtney Richter and the other by senior Brittany Sundgren. Below you can view images of their work and read about their conference presentations.

Art, Feminism, and the Home: Domesticity Reexamined
Brittany Sundgren ’09, Studio Art Major
advisor: Phyllis McGibbon, Art Department

Brittany Sundgren, '09 Brittany Sundgren, '09

My independent studies in printmaking this year have explored issues of feminist art. Throughout the year, I have been considering the concept of home and belonging by viewing objects through a feminist lens. I wanted to explore and present these ideas using different visual formats, including handmade books, prints, sewing, and performance. Along the way, I have become particularly interested in traditionally feminine objects associated with the home: aprons, spools, teapots, and the like. Currently, we are seeing a kind of new domesticity, or reclaiming of domesticity emerge; motifs and styles reminiscent of those used in the 1950s and ’60s are popular once again. This, in conjunction with my studies, has led me to create a dollhouse that reconsiders the ideas of feminine objects and their place.

Brittany Sundgren, '09

Memories Retold

Courtney Richter ’09, Studio Art and Art History Major
advisor: Phyllis McGibbon & Daniela Rivera, Art Department

Courtney Richter, '09 Courtney Richter, '09

I began my thesis year thinking about objects and images that evoke strong sensory and emotional experiences from my childhood. A typewriter, a tufted living room chair, a canoe, a trumpet and a multitude of other seemingly unconnected objects form my “image lexicon.” Experimenting with different image combinations, I attempted to reinvent pieces of my childhood. The effort to grasp these memories, however, is in vain, for my recollections are tainted by the passage of time, dominated by a particular feeling, or revised by subsequent experiences. Using collage processes in print, drawing, and other media, I am able to add, delete, shift, and revise imagery, mimicking the fragmented nature of memories.

Courtney Richter, '09

Ran Tao’s Installation Plan April 15, 2009

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I’m receiving installation plans from the three thesis students in the upcoming exhibition, “Again and Again: Senior Thesis Exhibition“.  Although there are many standards and methods for installing work into a gallery, I’ve found that every artwork presents its own set of specific challenges and needs.  Therefore, it seems to make sense to think about installing an artwork as a matter of problem solving: there’s usually a certain look that an artist is trying to achieve.  The three thesis students had to think about how to faciliate that look, as well as the materials and hardware that would be necessary to carry out their plans.  Below is a diagram of Ran Tao’s plan for how to install her sculpture into the gallery.

Ran Tao, Installation Plan

Past, Present, and Future April 11, 2009

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Directing an art gallery demands that you occupy three different mindsets simultaneously at all times:  past exhibitions, the current exhibition, and future exhibitions.  Throughout the year, I’ve always had to work on and consider multiple exhibitions all at once, during their various stages of development.

Right now, I’m working with artists who participated in the Dual Action: New England Print Faculty Invitational to pick up their works, the Patrick Earl Hammie: Equivalent Exchange exhibition is in full swing, and I’m already making preparations in anticipation for the upcoming Again and Again: Senior Thesis Exhibition featuring Wellesley students Courtney Richter, Ran Tao, and Kendra Terry. All three students are already working on installation plans and options for the exhibition, as well as the various publicity materials such as postcards, posters, etc.

Kendra Terry
Video still by thesis student Kendra Terry, which will be featured in the upcoming Senior Thesis Exhibition.