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Eleri Roberts on “Look at Me” February 3, 2010

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Today’s post is a guest blog post from Eleri Roberts, one of the students who has work in the “Look at Me” exhibition.  Below are her thoughts and experience on the curatorial process and installing the exhibition in the gallery.

The process of putting together the show has been a learning experience. It has been everything from fun to frustrating. The class first discussed the show early in the fall semester. At that point we thought of splitting the show into three themes that we would hope to unify in some way. We went down that path for some time, but eventually came to the conclusion that we needed a more cohesive show. It seemed to us that the show would be stronger if we unified all the artists as a whole instead of separating them into groups. This was the point at which we layed all the photos put and began connecting each body of work to another, whether it was through visual and aesthetic connections or through subject matter and meaning. We ended up with a circle that immediately felt right and even showed us how the show would be organized and structured.

Look at Me: Installation in Progress

Eleri Roberts and Christine Rogers work on installing the exhibition.

Now I will jump to the actual process of putting up the show in the Jewett Gallery. We quickly realized that there was no way we would be able to put up everyone’s complete final project without fully overwhelming the visitors to the gallery. It became clear that less is more. We then started the difficult task of editing each artist’s final project down to three or four prints. Not an easy task considering everyone had so many great photos! A few of the ARTS208 class members as well as Christine Rogers were there to give their input and eventually the selections were made. Now for the calculations! Christine, Emily, Rayla, and I spent a long time measuring, re-measuring, calculating, and re-calculating all of the distances needed between photos in order to put together a perfectly balanced show. Finally everything was figured out and we could start the hanging. With only a few mishaps, the end of the entire process was in sight. Just some lettering and labeling to do.

A long day with a lot of thought, but the end product was well worth it. I learned so much about the curatorial process as well as the work of a gallery preparator. I am so proud of our class. I am really looking forward to the show and hope to see you there! -Eleri Roberts

Eleri Roberts

Eleri Roberts, “Untitled”, silver gelatin prints, 2009


Upcoming Gallery Season August 17, 2009

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We’re still a few weeks away from school starting, but programming and preparations for upcoming exhibitions at the Jewett Art Gallery are already underway. The gallery season opens this year with “Pulp: Works on Paper by the Studio Art Faculty” in the Jewett Art Gallery, and “365 Days (Plus One)” a self-portrait project by Elizabeth “E.B.” Andersen Bartels, Class of 2010 in the Sculpture Court.

View our 2009-2010 gallery exhibition schedule here.

Phyllis Mcgibbon

Phyllis McGibbon, “Super Imitation”

EB Bartels

Photograph from “365 Days (Plus One)” a self-portrait project by Elizabeth “E.B.” Andersen Bartels, Class of 2010

Past, Present, and Future April 11, 2009

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Directing an art gallery demands that you occupy three different mindsets simultaneously at all times:  past exhibitions, the current exhibition, and future exhibitions.  Throughout the year, I’ve always had to work on and consider multiple exhibitions all at once, during their various stages of development.

Right now, I’m working with artists who participated in the Dual Action: New England Print Faculty Invitational to pick up their works, the Patrick Earl Hammie: Equivalent Exchange exhibition is in full swing, and I’m already making preparations in anticipation for the upcoming Again and Again: Senior Thesis Exhibition featuring Wellesley students Courtney Richter, Ran Tao, and Kendra Terry. All three students are already working on installation plans and options for the exhibition, as well as the various publicity materials such as postcards, posters, etc.

Kendra Terry
Video still by thesis student Kendra Terry, which will be featured in the upcoming Senior Thesis Exhibition.