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Video: Transformations Gallery Talk May 24, 2010

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The gallery talk given by RISD Professors Thomas Lyon Mills and Ken Takashi Horii from the “Transformations” exhibition a few months ago is now available for viewing on the Jewett Art Gallery’s new Youtube channel. Click on the links below to view all 6 segments of the gallery talk.

Video 1 of 6: Thomas Lyon Mills
Video 2 of 6: Thomas Lyon Mills
Video 3 of 6: Thomas Lyon Mills
Video 4 of 6: Ken Takashi Horii
Video 5 of 6: Ken Takashi Horii
Video 6 of 6: Ken Takashi Horii

Gallery Talk: Thomas Lyon Mills


Madeline Vara on installing “350: Student Exhibition” April 15, 2010

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Today’s post is a guest blog post by Madeline Vara, Class of 2010.  Madeline completed a 350 level project and is participating in “350: Student Exhibition“ which has an opening reception next Tuesday, April 20 at 4:45pm. In her post, she discusses the process and experience of installing her project into the gallery space.

“This past Monday, we began the installation for the 350 show.  Though all of the 350 students participating in the show, myself included, were displaying paintings, I found myself with a bit of predicament concerning how to present my artwork.  In the case of the other 350 students, their paintings were all on large stretches of canvas, set to be easily hung on the walls.  My project had left me with 22 various small paintings, though, with all of them on paper.

Madeline Vara

While I could have just as easily posted my paintings in mass along the wall, I couldn’t help but feel that it wouldn’t do the art justice.  As a result, I embarked on small mission to complete a three dimensional installation of my work by creating shelves to display them on.  After buying a multitude of hardware supplies, I set out to create a 7-foot long shelf and multiple smaller shelves.  The all-day affair of painting them, deciding their places on the wall, and finally drilling them into place was tiring, but ultimately worth every minute.  Viewing art isn’t just about the painting or drawing or sculpture itself; it is deeply tied in with the space the object occupies and the mode through which we view it.  Installing the shelves was essential to creating the right “frame” for my paintings.”- Madeline Vara, Class of 2010

Installing "350: Student Exhibition"

Madeline Vara works to install her pieces into the gallery space.

Madeline Vara

Installing “350: Student Exhibition” April 13, 2010

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This morning we finished up the final stages of deinstalling “Transformations” and began installing “350: Student Exhibition“.  This student exhibition spotlights students who are doing 350 level projects this year as well as students in the ARTS217 Life Drawing course. Join us for the opening reception next Tuesday, April 20 from 4:45-6pm.

Deinstall: "Transformations"

The incoming student paintings are against the gallery wall, waiting to be installed into the gallery space.

Deinstall: "Transformations"

Nathalie Miebach works with a student gallery assistant to pack up her sculptures from the “Transformations” exhibition.

Installing "350: Student Exhibition"

Madeline Vara works to arrange her works on paper project onto a wooden shelf she installed into the gallery wall.

Installing "350: Student Exhibition"

Becky Parker’s oil paintings are on the left, with Wanda Xu’s landscape paintings and Laura Foley’s oil paintings of cupcakes on the right. To view all of the works in the exhibition, visit the Jewett Art Gallery’s Flickr Page.

Transformations: Installation, Opening, & Gallery Talk March 8, 2010

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Last week was a busy week in the gallery: on Monday and Tuesday we installed the exhibition “Transformations”, Thursday was the opening reception, and on Friday we had a gallery talk with Ken Takashi Horii and Thomas Lyon Mills.

Installation: "Transformations"

(left to right) Thomas Lyon Mills, Gallery Director /Curator Clara Lieu, Nathalie Miebach, and Ken Takashi Horii discuss the installation plan.

Installation: "Transformations"

(left to right) Thomas Lyon Mills, Gallery Director/Curator Clara Lieu, and Nathalie Miebach discuss options for how to install the exhibition.

Figuring out the layout for the exhibition was complicated due to the fact that every artist had both two-dimensional and three-dimensional work. All of the exhibitions we’ve mounted since I started directing the gallery in 2008 have largely featured two-dimensional work, so this was a first for the gallery to have so much three-dimensional work in a single show. Other important considerations were how to distribute and balance color throughout the gallery. Nathalie Miebach and Thomas Lyon Mills both had works which were heavy in color whereas Ken Takashi Horii and Anthony Crudelle-Janello had largely black and white or monochromatic works.

Installation: "Transformations" Installation: "Transformations"
Left: Nathalie Miebach and a student gallery assistant work to assemble her sculpture into the gallery space.
Right: Ken Takashi Horii works on assembling his large sculpture “Of Mind and Matter”.

Each artist had their own pre-determined system for hanging and arranging their works in the gallery.  In Ken Takashi Horii’s case, his large sculpture arrived in several pieces and was installed piece by piece into the wall. Nathalie Miebach had sculptures and also several audio components which went along with her musical scores. Thomas Lyon Mills had a simple and effective hanging system for his paintings which allowed them to hang on the wall unframed. Anthony Crudelle-Janello’s sculpture was  constructed on a set of wheels, allowing it to be wheeled right into the gallery.  Crudelle-Janello’s photographs were hung on the wall using strips of velcro stuck to the back of the photographs.

Installation Views: "Transformations"

Installation Views: "Transformations"

The opening reception was well attended by both members of the Wellesley College community as well as several people from off campus, many of whom were visiting the gallery for the first time. A live jazz performance with piano, flute, and bass was provided by the Wellesley College Music Department.

Opening Reception for "Transformations"

Opening Reception for "Transformations"

The following day the gallery hosted a gallery talk  by Thomas Lyon Mills and Ken Takashi Horii.  Hearing their insights and thoughts about the work provided a whole new level of depth and understanding of their work in the exhibition.  View all of the photos from this exhibition and events on our Flickr account.

Gallery Talk: Thomas Lyon Mills

Thomas Lyon Mills speaks about his work.

Gallery Talk: Ken Takashi Horii

Ken Takashi Horii speaks to the crowd about his work.

“Spine: Senior Exhibition”: Opening Reception December 11, 2009

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This afternoon we hosted the opening reception for “SPINE: Senior Exhibition”.  We had an amazing turn out for the show, which made for a lively and festive event.

"Spine: Senior Exhibition": Opening Reception

At the opening reception, each of the artists spoke briefly about their works in the exhibition.

Jessica Planos, Class of 2010

Jessica Planos discusses her artist books.

Eliza Murphy, Class of 2010

Eliza Murphy talks about her self-portrait oil paintings.

Jenna Miller, Class of 2010

Jenna Miller discusses her installation “Frame”.

Eliza Murphy, Jessica Planos, Jenna Miller, Class of 2010

“Pulp” Preview: David Teng Olsen August 25, 2009

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I’m in the process of collecting images and information from the faculty in “Pulp: Works on Paper by the Studio Art Faculty” this week. Below is a preview of one of the works that will be in the show:  “Madd”, an drawing with ink, watercolor, and acrylic paint on Fabriano paper by David Teng Olsen. I’ve included an excerpt from his artist statement where he talks about his creative process and engagement with drawing and his materials.

David Teng Olsen

My cup of black India is in constant need of refilling. I often am mad at myself for leaving during the middle of the drawing, distracted by something outside of my studio only to return hours later to find my perfect drawing brush ruined from neglect. The ink flows from the end of my brush much longer then I ever expect it to, and it makes me shiver with excitement every time it does. Most often for me the magic of the mark happens during the moments I least expect it and I try for hours on end to recreate that exact moment that gave me shivers in the first place. There is no other time I am happier then when I am working on drawings. There is no other time in my visual explorations that I discover more. Without it I would have nothing. -David Teng Olsen