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Applied Arts

Photographing a Sculpture Applied Arts Monoprint Workshop Coptic Bookbinding Workshop Ceramic Mosaic Workshop Sculptural Weaving Workshop

Coptic Bookbinding Workshop Bento Box Workshop Applied Arts Monoprint Workshop Ceramic Mosaic Workshop Applied Arts Monoprint Workshop

Ceramic Mosaic Workshop Coptic Bookbinding Workshop Applied Arts Monoprint Workshop Papermaking Workshop Bento Box Workshop

Papermaking Workshop Sculptural Weaving Workshop Bento Box Workshop Demo Ceramic Mosaic Workshop Photographer Warren Patterson

Papermaking Workshop Bento Box Workshop Demo Sculptural Weaving Workshop Coptic Bookbinding Workshop: Katherine McCanless Ruffin Ceramic Mosaic Workshop

2012-2013 WORKSHOPS

2011-2012 WORKSHOPS

2010-2011 WORKSHOPS

2009-2010 WORKSHOPS

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“Applied Arts Series Covers the Full Spectrum
The Wellesley News, February 16, 2011

Read what people are saying about the Applied Arts Program:
“I never previously had experience doing any crafty sort of thing, but I am very proud of what I did.”
“I loved getting my hands dirty to create something beautiful!”

“The workshop was truly inspiring and one of the best classes I’ve ever taken…I learned so much in 3 hours!”
“I love how the workshops were so hands on and we left with a tangible product. ”
“I think the workshops do a good job of filling in holes in the studio art curriculum or providing opportunities for subjects we can’t take a class on. “


The Applied Arts Program sponsors a series of free, non-credit workshops throughout the year for the Wellesley College community.  The topic of each workshop varies, but generally addresses studio topics outside of the Art Department’s curriculumPast workshops have included papermaking, monoprints, photographing 3-D artwork, digital photography, ceramic mosaics, Japanese bento boxes, Sculptural WeavingStoryboarding, Character Design, Bead Weaving, and Decorative Papers. Workshops do not require any previous experience. Registration is required to participate in a workshop. Materials are provided for free for all workshop participants.

Workshops are open to the Wellesley College community.  This includes current/former faculty, current/former staff, students, spouses of faculty/staff, and alumni.  Children of current/former faculty & staff are not eligible. Current Olin, MIT, and Babson students are eligible if there is additional space after first priority is given to the above mentioned groups.

Registration is done on a first-come, first-serve basis, and opens two weeks before each workshop. Registration opens at midnight the day of registration. Please do not try to register before the day registration opens; your registration is not valid until registration has opened. You will receive an email from Clara Lieu about your registration status within one week. We maintain wait lists of up to 10 people for each workshop.  Registration closes when the wait list is full, or three days before the workshop date.  We do not accept registration for multiple people from one person. Workshops fill up often in just a few hours, so it is recommended to email early in the day to get a spot.

To register, send an email to the the Applied Arts Google Group. If you do not have a Wellesley account, email Clara Lieu at clieu[AT]wellesley[DOT]edu.

If you are registered and cannot attend, you must provide at least 48 hours notice so we may offer your space to someone on the wait list.  If you cancel after 48 hours or do not show up, you will be charged a $25 fee.

Workshop Participation
You may participate in a maximum of three workshops per semester.  Workshop participants are expected to stay for the duration of the workshop, and to participate in clean up when the workshop ends. Please do not register if you cannot stay for the entire workshop, or if you intend to arrive late. If you arrive to a workshop more than 15 minutes late, you will forfeit your space in the workshop.

Mailing List
To receive workshop announcements, join the email list by contacting Program Coordinator Clara Lieu or sign up on the Jewett Art Gallery’s Facebook Page.


Workshop Proposals
If you are interested in submitting a proposal to teach a workshop, please take the following into consideration before submitting your materials. Workshop instructors must have an MFA, experience teaching studio art at an undergraduate degree program, and a national exhibition record. Our program focuses on workshops which provide a hands-on experience in visual arts topics which are outside of the Art Department’s curriculum.  Workshops one time sessions which are 3-4 hours long, on Saturdays starting at 1pm. Workshops take place in September, October, November, February, March, and April. We do not schedule multi-session workshops. To propose a workshop, please email the following to Program Coordinator Clara Lieu at clieu[AT]wellesley[DOT]edu. No phone calls please.

1) workshop description, 1 paragraph.
2) resume, attached as a PDF document or Microsoft Word document.
3) 3-5 jpegs of professional work, and/or the link to your website
4) 3-5 jpegs of your students’ work.


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